Locked Doorknob

Removing a Locked Doorknob Externally

Removing a Locked Doorknob Externally

Part 1 of this article detailed how to unlock your doorknob from the outside. To begin, seek for an open window or another way to enter your home. You can also improvise tools like bobby pins and paper clips as do-it-yourself locksmithing equipment.

A low-security doorknob may also be removed and disassembled. When the doorknob is locked from the inside, it means it works, and you can utilise different entry methods. Yet, you won’t have to learn to pick locks if your door has an external keyed knob.

In most cases, you’ll use the same methods as if you were locked out of your bathroom or bedroom and for spring-loaded doorknobs.

In case you get locked out and don’t have your keys, here are some more options for you to try:

  1. Disconnect the Latch

If the handle has completely fallen off, you’ve already begun the procedure of removing a locked doorknob from the outside, and try working on the spindle or actuator.

If the handle is internally disengaged, resulting in the doorknob twisting but not opening, you can try pressing in the latch with a credit card (or any thin piece of plastic). Because the knob does not affect the latch, the attention should be on the latch.

  1. Torque the Lock

Even if the latch is open, you may be unable to spin the knob and retract it. In this case, manipulation of the latch using a credit card is unlikely to be successful. Most bypasses will fail due to the latch not moving.

If you can’t solve the stuck door latch, you can tighten the lock to overpower the grinding or clogging. You can also use a reciprocating saw to cut the lock. Similarly, it is feasible to remove a portion of the door frame and afterwards restore the entrance.

  1. Uninstall the Door Alignment

Though solid wood doors are usually linked with warping, solid core or hollow core doors can also wedge or misalign.

The door can be raised, pushed, or otherwise moved to open. If the door is locked, adjust it to release stress on the latch if the door is locked as you try the various methods for unlocking a closed door.

How to Prevent Being Locked Out of Your Home

You’ve learned your lesson, and now you want to avoid repeating it. Here are some tips to avoid being locked out again:

  1. Distribute a Key to a Trusted Individual or Next-Door Neighbour

You don’t want a bunch of keys lying about, but giving one or two to trusted people is a good backup. If you have family nearby, make sure at least one of them has a spare key to your house.

  1. Keep a Backup Key Safely

Avoid placing a spare key beneath a doormat, flowerpot or rock. Instead of hiding a key somewhere apparent, consider storing it in a more secure location, such as a garage safe or a container protected with a number combination lock.

Small safes may be found for a very low price in a variety of places or online. If your dog stays outside your house, put a key in a pouch and connect it to their collar.

  1. Consider a Keyless Doorknob

Keyless doorknobs are a great investment and a great alternative if you have kids who misplace keys often. It also works when you want to give temporary access to your home without giving them spare keys. You can always update the passcode remotely to change your lock codes.


Remember that the first step in removing a locked doorknob from the outside is to open the door or get on the interior side of the door. Then, determine how your doorknob is attached to the door after you’ve found your way in. Unfastening your specific type of fastener is required for removal.

It might be challenging to figure out how to remove a locked doorknob from the outside, especially when it comes to getting your door open with a malfunctioning or locked doorknob. If you want assistance, contact your local locksmith near you so that you can get out of this jam faster.

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