3 Definite Signs Your Door Lock

3 Definite Signs Your Door Lock

3 Definite Signs Your Door Lock


A door lock may seem insignificant. However, this nifty feature actually plays a critical role in keeping your home a safe place. It prevents outsiders from entering your space without your permission. It restricts entry to particular rooms and areas. And finally, it protects your home from intruders when you’re sleeping or travelling.


Given all its security functions, it’s a no-brainer that homeowners like you must pay attention to noticeable signs of door lock issues within your property. And what’s more, it’s vital that you act on such immediately. Otherwise, you’ll end up having to suffer from worse consequences later on, such as getting locked out of your home or having your belongings stolen.


Luckily, it’s not at all that difficult to figure out when your door locks need repair. With that said, here are three tell-tale signs that it’s to call in experts to fix the locks on your doors at home.


1. Jiggly Doorknobs


Your door closes fine, and the lock seems to work. However, when you turn the door handle, you notice that the knob seems a little wiggly. Now, this might not seem like a cause for concern, but the truth is that it’s a sign of deteriorating internal components.


Note that your door handle must always be tight and smooth. It shouldn’t jiggle or wiggle at all. So if you notice that it shakes a little bit whenever you use it, then this means the knob is loose. It’s also possible that there is a problem with the internal pieces, hindering them from functioning correctly. Thus, it’s only a matter of time before it would be a struggle to even open the door.


2. Jamming Keys


Keys are made to fit locks perfectly. It’s not supposed to be difficult to slide the key in the hole smoothly to unlock the door. Thus, if you find yourself having a hard time inserting or turning the key on your door, then this might mean that there is an issue with the cylinder spring.


It’s vital to call in a professional to repair it as soon as possible. There’s a big possibility that the key can break or snap if it keeps jamming whenever you try to unlock your door. And when this happens, you can call in an emergency locksmith to help address the issue. However, there are instances wherein you’ll have to completely replace the entire thing.


3. Double Clicks


Doors are only supposed to click once. So if you hear more than a single click whenever you shut the door, this is a sign that the lock is not working correctly. With that said, double clicks often mean that the door didn’t properly catch the latch the first time. Hence, it has to repeat the sequence in order to lock again.


This can be a pretty huge problem, as this results in those ghost door issues wherein doors click more than once. And even if you were sure you’d closed it, you find it open since the locks inside are not latching on properly. Needless to say, this poses a threat to the security of your property, so it only fits to call in repair services immediately.



3 Definite Signs Your Door Lock


Always remember that a compromised or damaged door lock system can leave you vulnerable to intruders. The lock on your doors serves as your home’s first line of defence. For this very reason, it’s vital to ensure that all door locks within your property are functioning properly.


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